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ABS Token Sale Ended On
2017-08-04 09:00 UTC

What is CryptoABS?

CryptoABS is a platform for issuing ABS tokens which are backed by physical assets. By introducting the power of smart contract and IOT technology, the CryptoABS is a bridge between the real world and the so-called crypto-world.

Why the world needs CryptoABS?

CryptoABS introduces a revolutionary way to use the crypto-currency by imposing the physical assets from the real world. It can not only stabilize the Ethereum Ecosystem but also revitalize the capitals in both worlds.

How CryptoABS works?

Both worlds shall benefit from CryptoABS.

ABS Token Sale

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Connecting the Real World and the Crypto-World

Who We Are?
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07/14 2017

Pre-sale of CryptoABS tokens ABS

Issue a fix-rate ABS in the form of ABS token (ERC20 token on Ethereum) which are binded with a specific physical assests (i.e. Car Loans).

Q3 2017

CryptoABS Member Service Center

Provide a friendly UI and backends for users to query and inspect the information of each ABS token.

Q4 2017

CryptoABS Secondary Market

Provide a secondary market for members to exchange the ABS tokens with specific crypto-currencies.

Q2 2018

CryptoABS Exchange for Crypto-Asset

Provide the exchange function for members to seamlessly swap among fiat money, crypto-currencies and ABS tokens.